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Cloud Backup–the Next-Gen Approach to Data Security

Defensive tactics (3-2-1) are effective protection against natural disasters and older ransomware but fall woefully short when facing weaponized ransomware and other Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).


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“Cheap and reliable but…
They’re cheap and offer stable services and I would have given them 5 stars if not for this one thing.
They do not offer automatic billing receipts over mail. Considering that businesses needs these in order to manage the book-keeping it’s not really business friendly.”

Emma Burns

“Ive been with Cloud Expert for a while now and have had no problems at all. An awesome service that is both affordable and reliable. The one time i lost my laptop data i managed to restore my critical data with no problems what so ever. A great company with great service. Thanks”

Effie Johnson

“Finally a cloud back up solution that works. Have had it on my Mac for about 3 months now and thought ‘ok lets test it’ so went for a partial restore – worked perfectly. 

Jonathan Christou

“Physical recoveries usually work well. Cloud backup is very expensive.”

Joel Edward