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Cloud Expert does not depend on legacy security schemes such as air-gapped and immutable backups. Ransomware 2.0 now targets backups and easily evades these older security methods with time-delayed zero-day malware.

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Don’t Let Data Loss Sink Your Business

60% of companies go out of business within six months of a major data loss or disaster.

Today’s business runs on data. But threats have evolved: technology failure, environmental disaster, cloud outages, malevolent cyber sabotage or innocent employee error, and more. In a digital age, a backup and recovery solution is essential insurance.

Businesses need a smart evolved approach that minimizes operational overhead and infrastructure costs, addresses modern attack vectors and compliance risks, while still ensuring that their data is safe — and can always be quickly restored.

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Nicholas Ryan
Cloud Backup Instructor
Lenna Gislason
Mobile Development Instructor
Candida Morissette
Machine Learning Instructor
Scottie Osinski
Data Science Instructor